• Ashtanga & Hatha combined
  • Intensive Asanas Practice
  • Flow Hatha & Ashtanga

I teach the 3rd limb of Yoga: Asanas with some Yoga philosophy. Understanding Yoga philosophy makes your path easier in this journey.

You will learn the basic sequences of Hatha and Ashtanga. New poses are added once you mastered previous poses and gained necessary strength and flexibility.

You will build up strength, develop flexibility, movement coordination and better awareness of your body.

I love to teach beginners and I also like to help you if you are already practicing Yoga Asanas and need a guide in your alignment.

Duration of my class: 75 to 90 minutes

Short online live interview (30 minutes max.) before booking a class, to review prices, avaibility, location, any other related matter towards the Yoga class.


Karla Machuca aims to make Yoga Asanas accessible to people by offering low prices for a private class. She has a non-profit objectives. Sheencourages people to learn, understand and practice Yoga as per traditional Indian way.

Send Email to karla.yoga.aerialist@gmail.com or contact via whatsapp: +31651688435

You will receive reply within 48 hours.

Yoga: Intensive Asanas practice Hatha, Flow, Ashtanga

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